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Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

The end of the school year is around the corner, bringing new routines that can sometimes be difficult for children to adjust to. As summer time is approaching, it is important for young children to have a safe and engaging environment at home, to help ease the transition from being in school to being in summer break. Creating an environment for children that is safe and fun can help prevent misbehaviors. Arts and crafts, games, and outdoor play can help young children stay active and engaged during the summer. Tips such as these are offered through our Triple P - Positive Parenting Program. During this school year, UpValley Family Centers conducted five Triple P presentations to the parents of Preschool for All, covering topics such as Bedtime Routines, Hassle Free Shopping, Dealing with Disobedience, Managing Fighting and Aggression and Self Esteem.

Come and speak with one of our practitioners to better prepare your child for the summer. Parents can meet one-on-one with one of our nine accredited staff members to help them prepare for the summer by establishing new routines, teach children new skills and sustain healthy and nurturing relationships. Bilingual, English and Spanish services are available for parents who have young children (0-12) and teenagers (12-16). Join UVFC staff members Jose Hernandez and Karina Solis for a presentation about Teenagers and Mental Health on June 15, 2022 from 6-7 PM at Calistoga Palisades Apartments. For more information, or if you will like to schedule an appointment with one of our parent educators, please contact Lupe Maldonado at (707) 965-5010 ext. 403 or via email at


Get Out The Vote

The Community Leaders Coalition launched the “Voters Choice Napa” (VCN) campaign to ensure underrepresented voters (youth/young adults, language minorities, people with disabilities and seniors) participate in elections in Napa County.  

Why participate in local elections? If more of us vote on issues that matter to us, and encompass our values, we can effectively change how things are done in our communities. We can focus on initiatives that serve and enrich the lives of our local residents. Not just the programs and services that benefit tourists.

The County Government manages important health and human services that you, friends, family, and other residents benefit from each and every day! Participating in local elections directly impact your local communities.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS. You have a voice to decide who will represent you and your local community, and decide on matters that are most important to you!  VOTE BY JUNE 7, 2022! For more information visit:


Child Tax Credit

It’s not too late to get the Child Tax Credit! Even though the tax season has ended, almost all families qualify and can still get their money. Submit a simplified return at before mid-November, 2022. Call us at (707) 965-5010 if you need assistance!


Join our team!

Are you interested in doing meaningful work that strengthens families and the community?  Please visit our website to view current openings. 


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